Winning on Cashable Bonuses

The easiest way to figure out a cashable bonus is just to figure out the house edge, as a decimal, of the best game available multiplied by the Wagering Requirements to get a total expected loss on the amount that needs to be played through. If the Bonus + Deposit is greater than the amount, you have an expected win. If not, you have an expected loss.

Sometimes High Variance methods are even the best way to go on cashable bonuses, but again, many casinos have a maximum bet restriction while on a bonus or specifically forbid bet structuring.

When that happens, you’re basically just treating a cashable bonus like a Phantom Bonus in order to finish with some amount over your deposit. The good news is that it’s quick, you’ll either lose your big bets almost immediately or you’ll massively improve your bankroll and grind out the wagering requirements knowing you’ve already won.

That’s also the nice thing about being able to flat bet a game, though. The casinos cannot accuse you of bet structuring when you’re just flat betting a certain amount because a cashable bonus is beatable on its own.